This Week's message from Father Steve...

Dear Family,

I sometimes wonder if God watches us with amusement or dismay. Maybe it's a mix of both. Across time, we human beings have used our God-given intelligence to understand more and more about God's beautiful creation. That is what I believe God intended. However some of us have gotten to the point of believing that we now know so much that we no longer need to believe in God because we can do what He has done (think in vitro fertilization (we no longer need to follow God's methods)). This reminds me of the story of a man who challenged God by stating he no longer needs God as he can do whatever God does. So God replied "is that so? Let me see you make a tree." That man agreed to the challenge. So the man took some soil and a seed. God asked "What are you doing?" The man replied that he was going to make a tree to which God replied "Oh no you don't. That is my soil and my seed. You make your own!" Our Gospel reading today reminds us that God has revealed Himself to the lowly while the 'intelligent' don't get it because they are too caught up in themselves. Let us never become that way, no matter how intelligent we are and how educated we become. During these summer months, let us take in the beauty of God's creation! Let us marvel at the gorgeous flowers, the incredible sunsets, the warmth of these days, the array of stars at night and all the other parts of God's creation! If we allow ourselves to contemplate these things, we will realize how awesome our God is!

Praised Be Jesus Christ...Now and Forever!!!



Rev. Steven Jekielek, Pastor

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