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Dear Family,

When I was in the seminary, my professor of homiletics (the art of preaching) Msgr. David Lee taught us about ‘God moments’. He asked us to watch for them every day and then come to class ready to share one of them each week. What is a ‘God moment’? A ‘God moment’ is an everyday event that often goes unnoticed that is really a sign of God’s presence in our lives. It can be a smile from a stranger, a beautiful sunset that we take notice of, an unexpected call from a friend just when we need it most and so on. Well this week I experienced two major ‘God moments’. The first has to do with a spaghetti dinner. Huh? Yes, a spaghetti dinner. The 8th Grade in our school was going to hold a spaghetti dinner to help fund their class trip to Washington. I received a call this past week telling me that the 8th graders and their parents have changed their plan. As many of you know, one of our 8th grade students, Jay Cogdill, has been diagnosed with cancer. His classmates decided, along with their parents, to change the spaghetti dinner into a fundraiser for Jay’s family to help cover the many expenses that they will be facing. What an incredibly generous thing to do! Moments like these help me see that what we do here at St. Christopher School and our parish really are making a difference! This is God’s work and His message of hope for all of us!
The second was our First Annual School Masquerade Gala! When I returned to St. Christopher our annual school auction fundraiser was still going on but was bringing in less and less money each year. I had just returned from my year at St. Greg’s where I experienced their school fundraising ‘gala’ event. I suggested that we may want to move in this direction to shake things up a bit. What’s better than a nice evening out with fellow parishioners and school families without the kids that would benefit our school?! That became my dream, to create something new and exciting! Well change is difficult but some bought in to the idea. A team of wonderful parents, spearheaded by HSA president Samantha Bryk and the school administration worked together to create what was an amazing event! I am not going to try to list the names of all who helped but I thank you all so much! Sometimes we need to dream big to have big things happen. As Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”! The ‘God moment’ of the evening though came during the live auction. An unexpected item was added to the night. All who so desired were asked to raise their bidding paddle if they would like to make a $25 donation to Jay’s cause. I think every paddle in the place immediately went up! Then the suggestion was made to increase it to $50 a bid and all agreed! That’s what our St. Christopher Parish and School is all about! We are a family! We share our faith in God and our shared dreams for a life filled with ‘God moments’. What ‘God moments’ have you experienced lately? I bet there were many each day if you think about it!
Praised Be Jesus Christ…Now and Forever!!!

Rev. Steven Jekielek, Pastor


Petition to repeal the NY Abortion Law

Here is the link to NYS Catholic Conference’s Petition to repeal the NY Abortion Law: https://www.nyscatholic.org/nys-catholic-conference-action-center/




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We, the people of St. Christopher Parish, journey to the heavenly kingdom of God our Father by following the example and service of Jesus Christ his Son, inspired daily by the Holy Spirit to lead faith-filled Christian lives.









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