St. christopher commitment to parish life program

Automatic Deduction Form

As a courtesy to parishioners who have expressed an interest in facilitating their sustained offertory commitment through an electronic fund transfer option, the attached form is offered. 

We ask that you click on the link below and print out the form. For security purposes, we do not allow on-line completion of this form. Please fill this out and return to us by dropping it off at the Parish Office, sending in the mail or enclosing in a sealed envelope and place in the collection basket.

  1. If you would like to use the electronic fund transfer option or if you already support St. Christopher via the ACH auto-debit plan, we ask you to complete the form below. This will  authorize the parish to debit your account in the amount and increment you have chosen as a participant in our Commitment to Parish Life Program.
  1. If you do NOT wish to fulfill your commitment via the electronic fund transfer option, please disregard this form and return your scheduled contribution using the enclosed commitment reminder.


I hereby authorize St. Christopher Church to initiate Automated Clearing House (ACH) debits for the contribution of my Offertory Commitment from the checking/saving account listed below.

I understand this transfer will be made as indicated below with thirty (30) day written notice required if I choose to cancel authorization. I also understand if funds are not available for withdrawal, a $40.00 Insufficient Funds Fee will be incurred.

AMOUNT TO BE WITHDRAWN (select one method):

MONTHLY: (Contributed in two EQUAL withdrawals):

QUARTERLY: (Contributed in four EQUAL withdrawals):

SEMI-ANNUALLY: (Made in two EQUAL withdrawals):

ANNUALLY: (One withdrawal):

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View the PDF version here.