Commitment to Parish Life

Commitment to Parish Life
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Highlights of our Commitment to Parish Life Program include:

•  The opportunity for you to become actively involved in the life and ministries of the parish.

•  An invitation to consider a sustained offertory commitment to St. Christopher through either a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Click here for a form where you can make sign-up for a new ministry and/or make or change your financial commitment.

Commitment to Parish Life
Automatic Deduction Form

Some people find it more convenient to have their parish offerings deducted automatically from their bank account. Click here to fill out a form that can set your automatic deduction in motion.

Commitment to Parish Life

Through the years as a faith community, St. Christopher has been blessed with parishioners who care deeply about the life and vibrancy of our parish as a spiritual home.  We hope that you too find your involvement in our parish to be spiritually enriching and personally rewarding.  We encourage you to become involved and personally share your faith through your actions.

As baptized Catholics and disciples of Jesus, we are called to follow Him with a commitment that is expressed in an entire way of life.  Disciples recognize that all that is good comes from God and that we are called to be caretakers of God's many gifts.  If we want our parish to flourish, we must all be willing to do our part. Each parishioner is asked to prayerfully consider how to personally commit to supporting our parish and our ministries through our Commitment to Parish Life Program.  We invite all parishioners to offer their time, talent and treasure to the degree that they are able.

On this site, you will find a description of the many ministries that St. Christopher Parish offers, If you are not already, consider how you might become involved. Also consider your level of Offertory support, keeping in mind the costs associated with running our parish..

If you wish to commit to a financial offertory for the first time, wish to change your financial offering commitment or wish to sign up for any of our 100+ ministries, you can click here to print out our Commitment to Parish Life Form.

If you are interested in changing your commitment method to Automatic deductions from your bank account or you already have selected Auto Deduct and you need to make a change, click here for an Automatic Deduction Form you can print, fill-out and return to the Parish Office.